Accommodation options in Istanbul.

Istanbul, being one of the world’s most popular tourist cities, offers a wide range of accommodation options. From historic hotels to boutique accommodations, there are many different types of accommodation available in the city.

Historic hotels: There are many historic hotels in Istanbul, which are typically restored historic buildings. These hotels are ideal for those who want to experience accommodation in a historic atmosphere. Examples include Four Seasons Sultanahmet, Pera Palace Hotel, and Ciragan Palace Kempinski.

Boutique hotels: There are many boutique hotels in Istanbul, which are smaller and more specially designed. They typically have a modern and minimalist design, and are ideal for those looking for a warmer and more intimate atmosphere. Examples include Sumahan on the Water, Witt Istanbul Suites, and Vault Karakoy The House Hotel.

Apart-hotels: There are many apart-hotels in Istanbul, which are typically ideal for short or long-term stays. Apart-hotels have all the amenities that will make you feel at home. Examples include Fraser Place Anthill Istanbul, Dosso Dossi Hotels Old City, and The Stay Nisantasi.

Hostels: There are many hostels in Istanbul, which are typically chosen as a cheaper option. Hostels are typically designed for a younger audience and often have common areas. Examples include Taksim Lounge Hostel, Hush Hostel Lounge, and Second Home Hostel.

Apartment rentals: There are many apartment rentals in Istanbul, which are ideal for longer stays and will make you feel at home. Apartment rentals are especially suitable for families as they offer larger spaces for a comfortable accommodation experience. Examples include Taksim Deluxe Residence, Basileus Hotel Apartments, and Art Suites Istanbul.

Airbnb: There are also many Airbnb apartments available in Istanbul, typically offered by homeowners and suitable for short or long-term stays. This option is often preferred as a cheaper alternative.